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About Guns to Gardens

Guns to Gardens is a grassroots ministry that safely and legally dismantles and destroys unwanted firearms. The remaining metal pieces are then forged into life-giving garden tools and art. Our local Tallahassee chapter is composed of volunteers from 8 local churches and citizens concerned about gun violence and gun proliferation in our community.


The June 10th Safe Surrender event will be hosted by Good Shepherd Catholic Church and co-sponsored by the Leon County Sheriff's Department. This will be the first Guns to Gardens event in Florida!


People surrender guns for a variety of reasons, including suicide prevention, domestic violence prevention, and protection of children, adolescents, and vulnerable adults. Inherited guns are also frequently surrendered. We not only dismantle firearms, but we also provide pastoral care for the individuals going through the process. Please contact us if you would like to join the movement or if you’d like to talk with us about surrendering your guns.


There are currently over 430 million guns in America. That’s enough for every man, woman, and child to bear arms, and the impact of the proliferation of firearms is profound. In 2020,


• firearm-related injuries became the leading cause of death in children and adolescents

• 54% of all gun-related deaths were suicides

• nearly eight-in-ten murders involved a firearm


In 2022, Guns to Gardens hosted two National Guns to Gardens days. We collected about 1,560 guns, across 19 locations.

For more information, please email us at

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